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How to make your own branded merchandise

How to make your own branded merchandise with Iron on Transfers

Looking to start your very own merchandise brand product line, and looking to keep your costs as a bare minimum whilst offering your customers shop bought quality - then we can help.

In this post we will go over ways you can kick-start your brand new clothing business, keep your costs low and start to make money by selling your own unique merchandise.

Decide on a Brand Name

Many of you who are already reading this already have an idea on their brand name and what it should be.  For the purpose of this post, we will create a fake brand and go through the costs and ordering process.

So lets begin, I want my brand to be focussed around the great Wild West, I want it to be recognised by bars and restaurants and I want my clothing to be worn by Cowboys / Cowgirls and even line dancers!

My initial range of clothing includes:

I need my brand to be recognisable, but not too long to say because nobody likes long worded brand names.

I've decided my brand is going to be called "PISTOLPETE", I think it has a great ring to it, and has a very Western feel.  You can imagine 'Pistol Pete' stood there ready to draw!

In the digital age, a logo would be great to have so people recognise me, but in passing conversations - a logo is worthless.  So maybe lets just have the name "PISTOLPETE" with a few stars to show we're all about that western life!

Making to Order

I don't have a huge budget to start my brand, so I can't have 1000 shirts and 1000 cowboy hats printed up - so I need to start looking at ways I can promote my amazing "PISTOLPETE" western merchandise without keeping all my money tied up in stock, and for a new start company - this is a terrible idea.

Remember, when making your own branded items you would require stock of each size - so for a standard shirt with 4 different sizes and 1000 each fully printed would be 4,000 shirts! 😲

The average Cowboy shirt costs between £5 - £10, and I want to sell them for £20 £25 - how do I start?

The first thing we need to decide is where we want our brand logo to be placed, so lets get a blank Cowboy Shirt and decide a good position!

Blank Cowboy Shirt ready for our brand (Image Courtesy of Wish)

The shirt I have is red, so I need something that matches the existing white lines on the front.  

I could place my logo on the front, but it would really detract from the lovely western design, so I think having my brand across the upper shoulder area of the shirt would look amazing and especially if worn when line dancing.. it's really noticeable!

IronOnName.com already have a cool western font, so lets use that to build our logo, and maybe add a few stars from the extras page too!

Pistol Pete Logo

We need to decide how wide we want the brand logo, generally speaking we don't want it too large... just enough so people can read it, and recognise somebody is wearing your brand.  So lets go for a 12cm width.

Pistol Pete Branded Merchandise


Looks pretty awesome!  So lets work out what this item costs!

Total Cost: £7.20

If you're selling your PISTOLPETE Cowboy shirts for £25... that's a profit of £17.80 excluding shipping costs!

Offering Personalisation options to your customers

We do not have a minimum order, you can quite comfortably take orders for your branded clothing then order the iron on names directly from our website for dispatch within 24 hours on weekdays!

You could even go a step further and offer your customer a colour choice for the logo...maybe they want it  in yellow? No problem at all!

Choose from 38 different colours for your brand iron on transfers

Giving your customers the choice to personalise their items at an additional cost is a great way to upsell your products and provide you with a much greater profit margin!

Maybe somebody wants to add their name to their Official PISTOLPETE merchandise?

What if I have a logo (not text) as my brand?

Not a problem at all, we have made thousands of iron on logos for customers, but they need to be single colour.  So lets imagine that the PISTOLPETE logo was a cowboy leaning - this is something we can make for you and even set up your own customer link to order whenever you receive an order - we're here to help you get your business started!

Iron on Brand Logos from IronOnName.com

How do I get my brand logo made into an Iron on Transfer?

Please visit our contact page and let us know that you are looking to get your brand logo made into an iron on transfer.  We will reply asking you to send us your logo and give some ideas of costs.  

The costs do not increase the price that much (pennies!) so it really is a great way to start your very own clothing branded business.