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How we make Iron on Name Transfers

Iron on Name Transfers - How we make them

In this post we wanted to show you how we make our iron on name transfers.  We have been making iron on transfers in the UK for well over 10 years and even though the machinery has improved, the process is still exactly the same.

Whether your purchasing single iron on letters, or a full set of iron on names every single transfer goes through the same production process to ensure they arrive ready to apply.

We'll start from the very beginning and talk you through the ordering process on IronOnName.com

Ordering your Iron on Name

Visit: https://irononname.com where you will be greeted by a friendly page with a highlighted text box ready for you to type in the name / word of your choice

Type in the name you require

Choose your font, width, colour and then "Add To Basket"

Once you're happy with the names you've added to the basket, you can checkout and pay using PayPal or Credit / Debit Card.

We process all orders Monday to Friday and are proud to offer a dispatch in 24 hours on week days.  So, if you order your transfers at 8:50am on a Monday, they will be made and sent that day!

Designing your Iron on Name Transfers

We download all the orders the production run that day, and get to work designing each transfer and sizing each name to the required size.

So in the example above, we ordered a 4cm name "David"

4cm Iron on Name

We repeat this process for all names, colours, and sizes.  For Calligraphy / Handwriting fonts, we even move each letter to ensure they appear "joined up".

Moving individual letters to ensure 'joined up' writing looks amazing!

We then mirror (reverse) all the iron on transfer designs ready for the next stage of production.

Cutting your Iron on Name Transfers

Once the design process has finished, we send that file to our production team who load the digital plotter (the cutting machinery) with a specific roll of transfer material (colour by colour) and then start cutting all the names.

See the plotter in action ⬇

The plotter makes a small cut through the iron on transfer vinyl ready for the next stage of the production process.

We do not print any iron on names, we have always (and always will) use digitally cut material to produce your iron on transfers.

Weeding your Iron on Transfers

Weeding is the process of removing the material that is no longer required.  So for example, the inside of an "O" would not be required and it is therefore "weeded".

All our iron on transfers will not have a background once applied, unlike printed iron on transfers which require a solid background (usually white).

Using a pair of sharp tweezers we manually pick away the non-required vinyl material leaving only the required transfer material in place.

Picking away the transfer material that is not required - 'weeding'

We repeat this process for every single letter / name / number / design, so as you can imagine it takes some time - but they look great!

Packing your Name Iron on Transfers

Packing your iron on names is the final part of the production process, but like everything else we do this manually to inspect each transfer again.

We print out all the orders onto A4 paper, then print full instructions on the reverse of the order sheet - which you can also see here

One - by - One, we go through each order and match the completed iron on transfer to the order and pack inside either an A5 or A4 envelope along with an address label and postage sticker.

Iron on Transfers Packed and Ready to Go!

One of the reasons why we love iron on transfers is that they can be sent in the post as a letter and unlike printed name labels are incredibly durable due to their plastic "carrier" (backing).

Even if the envelope is bent in transit (which rarely happens - but it's worth noting), the transfer once ironed on will look amazing.  In saying that, we do replace iron on transfers if you feel they have been damaged in the post - all we would require is a photo of the damage 👍

Every Day we're making Iron on Transfers

We make thousands of iron on transfers every week, and we absolutely love making them.  

We are always looking for new fonts, colours, designs to add to our website and we will always do our best to make sure you have the best experience when shopping with us.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like your business logo made into an iron on transfer - please get in contact.