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Iron on Glitter Names

Iron on Glitter Name Transfers UK - In Stock

We are absolutely delighted to announce that all our iron transfers are now available in glitter.  Over the past several months we have been internally testing iron on glitter transfers for both durability and usability and are happy to announce that we now stock a smooth to the touch glitter iron on material.

Unlike other glitter transfers, our glitter iron-on's are smooth to the touch ensuring your creation (t-shirt, hoody, baby vest, bib, workwear) feels absolutely amazing whilst being durable and washable.

We are so excited to offer 7 different iron on glitter transfer colours:

The Best Iron on Glitter Transfers

We have searched & tested iron on transfers for the past 10 years (yes, it's been that long) for a glitter iron on material that ticks the following boxes:

Many of the glitter materials we have tried have been rough to the touch, and after a few washes - leaves nothing more than the glue - which is not something we ever want to sell.

Our glitter iron on vinyl is different to cheaper alternative ensuring that once ironed, on the glitter iron on transfers are incredibly smooth to the touch unlike others which feel rough.

We ran several wash tests on our iron on transfers (glitter) and they performed just as well as all our other iron on transfer colours!

Glitter Transfer Pricing

The glitter transfer material does come at an increased price and it's something we have tried incredibly hard to keep to a minimum.  Our iron on glitter material is an extra 50p per iron on name, and we are always constantly trying to reduce.

The reason for the increase in price is due to the additional clear coating that is placed over the glitter vinyl to ensure durability and 'smooth feel' of the iron on transfers.

Iron on names in Glitter

We have added the Glitter option to the colour selection drop down box on our iron on name & extras ordering page.  The price increase for the glitter material will reflect instantly on the price.

Glitter Colour Option added to ordering dropdown selection

Glitter Names made and sent from the UK

As with all our iron on transfers, we design, make and send all your iron on glitter transfers from our UK (Nottinghamshire) office ensuring that once you order, your transfers will be delivered fast by the Royal Mail.

We pride ourselves on an approachable and friendly UK customer service, so if you have any questions at all, please head on over to our contact us page where we will be more than happy to help.