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Iron on Name Designs

Iron on Name Designs - Ready to Personalise and Iron On

Hey Everybody!

We are delighted to announce we have just launched some beautiful iron on name designs - all made from the same great iron on name material we currently use.

If you want to skip straight to the designs, visit: https://irononname.com/name-designs

The iron on name designs are a great way to add personalisation to your clothing, and much cheaper than having a t-shirt printed!

We have tailor made our iron on name templates to allow your very own name to be made and sent!  We currently offer 2 different sizes for each template "15cm" and "20cm" - meaning they are suitable for Children's clothing as well as Adult!

What are Iron on Name Designs?

Iron on Name designs are pre-made templates ready for you to personalise with your own name / brand.  Each template has been designed by the team at IronOnName.com and is available in our full range of colours including Glitter, Metallic, Chrome, Neon and our standard (White, Black, Red etc etc).

As with all our iron on names, each transfer can be applied using a standard household iron, and will not contain any background!

We currently have 4 designs with more being designed as I type this very post!

Iron on Name inside Lips

The name "David" inside some lips - ready to iron on!

This design features a pair of lips with your chosen name inside.  The lettering is made using our Fancy Font, and where you do not see any transfer material, the colour and texture of the garment underneath will come through beautifully!

Iron on Name inside a Heart

The name "Mollie" cut out of an Iron on Love Heart Transfer

A fairly popular request so we decided to add it to our website!  The love heart is a standard love heart iron on transfer with the name cut out of the middle.  This looks amazing on any garment, or even a kit bag!

Remember, where the name has been cut out, you will feel the material of the garment through!  It's always best to choose a contrasting colour, so if your t-shirt was black, choosing a lighter colour would look amazing!

Iron on Name inside a Crown

The name "Kate" inside a Crown Iron on Transfer

The Crown name design is amazing for all those princes and princesses!  The name is added to the middle of the crown with an outline cut out creating a beautiful stylish iron on name design!  As with all our transfers, you can feel the t-shirt / garment where there is no transfer material making this design look super special!

Iron on Name inside a Cat Transfer

The name "Hollie" inside a Cat Iron on Transfer

Who doesn't love Cats?  We certainly do, having 3 cats ourselves we love anything to do with animals which is why we wanted to add this iron on cat name transfer.  Like all our iron on name designs, you can personise the design with your very own name which will be made into the design ready to iron on.

The major difference between this iron on name design and the others is the way we've had to size it.  The other name designs are sized by "width", this design being portrait/vertical, we decided to size it by height.

More to Iron on Name Designs to come!

We are full steam ahead on designing more  truly unique and stunning iron on name designs ready for you to personalise!  If you have any suggestions, please get in contact!

See the full range: https://irononname.com/name-designs