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Make your own Personalised Baby Clothing

Personalised baby clothing business with Iron on Transfer Vinyl

It's no secret that our iron on names can be used on so many different materials, and today I want to talk about how you can use our iron on transfers to make your own personalised baby clothing.

Maybe you are just making them for yourself, maybe even a gift, or maybe you want to start you own online business making and selling amazing personalised baby clothing right from your own home!

Many of our customers user our vinyl transfers when making their own t-shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts, polo shirts or even caps!  So what's stopping you, lets get get started!

We supply sports clubs, charities, gyms, hair salons with iron on transfers that are required to be incredibly durable - we stand by our product!

Baby clothing can be anything from a standard baby grow, to a baby bib, baby bonnet, body suits or even small baby sized t-shirt - providing the material is either Cotton or Polyester, our transfers can be applied without a problem.

Can you make money making personalised baby clothing?

The simple answer is yes!  Baby Clothing is a product that will always sell and will always fetch a premium if your quality is high.  Our iron on names are made from commercial grade transfer vinyl, they are used by businesses all over the world!

Plain baby clothing is relatively cheap with packs of baby bodysuits available from large supermarket chains starting at £5 for 5 = £1 each!

Image Courtesy of ASDA - £5 for 5 Bodysuits (12th Feb 2021)

If we wanted to add just a name to the baby suit, our price starts from £1.50 delivered (free delivery on all our iron on transfers)

How much profit can I make making personalised baby clothing?

Make 100% Profit Selling Personalised Baby Clothing

Using the prices above:

1 x Babysuit = £1.00
1 x Iron on Name = £1.50

Total Cost: £2.50

Just selling the personalised baby clothing for £5.00 will return a 100% profit!

Increasing your Profit 🚀

The example above shows a very modest selling price for your personalised baby clothing, but we know that you can increase the selling price quite considerably providing your service and quality are the best.

We've seen these exact baby bodysuits selling for £15, that's some amazing profit margin for something you can make from the comfort of your own home using nothing more than your time and an iron.

Offering further personalisation to your baby clothing designs is a great way to increase your customers spend whilst giving you a unique selling point of your products.

Examples of Extra Personalisation using our extra iron on transfers

Butterfly Iron on Transfers - see: https://irononname.com/extras

Keeping your costs low

A large mistake many companies make is investing heavily into stock at the very beginning of their business - your stock sat on your shelf is not making money for you at all - so let's see what we can do.

You will need to show examples of your products before selling them, so lets start off with getting some initial "sample stock" that you can take photos of.

Initial Investments

Order the names in different colours and make your sample pieces.  These pieces of baby clothing will be the start of your online personalised baby clothing business.

Potential customers want to see what their personalised item will look like before ordering, so take some great high quality pictures, and place them where you want to sell your item (Facebook / Instagram / Website / Blog)

Networking with other like minded individuals such as baby forums, facebook groups etc is a great way to drum up some business

Order Iron on Transfers as you go

We offer Free UK Delivery and 24 hour dispatch on weekdays for all iron on names ordered via our website.  You can place your orders with us as they come in to you, or you can place an order every couple of days with multiple names - the cost would be the same ☺

Lets work on the original idea of placing an order for your iron on name at the time you receive an order.

Order Process for your Personalised Baby Clothing Business

Start your Baby Clothing Business today!

If you want to start your own business, and don't have a lot of money to invest in stock - selling personalised baby clothing with our iron on transfer vinyl is a great way to get things off the ground.

You're not limited to just baby clothes - this was purely an example, but the list of baby clothing is endless:

It just keeps going!

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, we've helped hundreds of businesses (including baby clothing businesses) make their own clothing ranges and we're more than happy to help you too!