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Make your own personalised dog coat

Make your own Personalised Dog Coat / Clothing

The team here at Iron on Name are animal lovers 🐾 and we've wanted to write this post for some time now - "How to make your own personalised dog coat".  The title is self explanatory but not many people know that you can use our iron on name transfers to make your very own personalised dog clothing!

Dog Coat with a Name with our Iron On Names

What is a Dog Coat?

Quite simply, it's a coat for your dog!  Dog coats can be purchased in huge ranges of colours and sizes to protect the dogs fur from getting wet/damp in the classic UK Weather 🌧🌧🌧

However, some dogs are required to wear coats due to recovering from injury, or if they have a skin condition that would flare up if exposed to the elements.

Iron on Names for Dog Coats

Our iron on name transfers can be ironed onto nearly all different types of dog coats and with the range of 38 different colours and multiple different styles, we're sure you're beloved pooch will be Instagram ready in minutes!

Our iron on names can be ironed (or heat pressed) onto a range of materials including:

We know for a fact that our transfers work perfectly with these materials due to their high melting point.

Many dog coats are made from these materials so our 100% suitable for our iron on names.

Waterproof Material suitable for Iron on Names?

A question we've been asked many times and I would like to go over the limitations of our material and different ways you can still use our iron on names, but for waterproof materials that we don't "officially" support.

Our heat transfer material requires... heat.  We advise turning your iron / heat press up to a temperature suitable for your material which is around 140°C.  Materials like Nylon (which most dog coats are made from) has a much lower melting points so this temperature really isn't that suitable.

One of the coolest things about our iron on transfers is you can still activate the glue backing at a much lower temperature - but use "more" pressure.  With a heat press, this is a doddle - you just turn the knob.  With a standard household iron it does take a little bit more elbow grease and requires your press the iron down with more force when applying our iron on names.

It can take some getting used to, but they do work!  We've successfully applied our iron on transfers at much lower temperatures when applying them to waterproof clothing such as Jackets, Tents, Marquees & Fishing Clothing etc.

Will your iron on name transfers work on plastic dog coats?

No, short and sweet but no.  Our transfers still require some form of heat, and plastic dog coats will melt very very quickly.

How can I personalised my dog coat with their name?

How to order your Iron on Name

Using our easy to use iron on name builder, you just need to type the name you require, choose the width you would like your iron on name, choose the colour, and press "Add to Basket".

We offer FREE UK Delivery on all orders, so if you just require the 1 name, that's absolutely fine!

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